Toby picked up a surprise package that was sent to Copthorne Prep School! The package was from Major and Mrs Thornloe, the family who presented Toby with his polo award, this summer. They had seen the newspaper article Mrs Swadling and Mr Jones had set up, and have sent Toby some Welsh Guards wristbands to get him started with his fund raising, as the article mentioned Copthorne School, they sent the package there, as they didn’t have his home address … isn’t the internet amazing! After school yesterday Toby managed to raise an incredible £73, and I wondered if you could please put a note in the newsletter to thank all the generous parents who have already supported him, and to let others know that the bands will be for sale for children during break times on  the asphalt, and to parents outside the new block at 4.30 and 5.20pm. They are on sale for £3 each, and are a very visual way of supporting the Welsh Guards.  The package came with a wonderful and rather moving note from Rupert’s parents, that I feel is appropriate to share …   Dear Toby, I was very pleased to read about you & see the photograph of you on the riding & success article on the internet. I enclose some Welsh Guard wristbands for you to sell.  These are the old ones, like the one I wear that Rupert gave to me & like the one he was wearing when he was killed.  Good luck with fundraising.   V Thornloe.

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