Forthcoming Events:

Year 7 Common Entrance fieldwork project. This will take place in the summer term and will involve time out of school for all the pupils in the Year group. The actual date is, as always, weather determined.

The trip, which as last year will be combined with a science habitat study, is to measure and explain changes to the flow and channel of the upper Medway river. The area of study is from the river’s source at Turners Hill to the Wierwood Reservoir south of East Grinstead. Each form in the year will spend most of a day out of school and will be working in groups in order to collect the data required

The finished project is part of the final exam in June next year and accounts for 20% of the final mark. It is a great opportunity for candidates not only to practice fieldwork skills (ready for GCSE) but also they can walk into the Common Entrance examination with up to 20 marks already. The data they collect will give everybody the chance to produce an “A” grade project, the rest is down to hard work and effort.

The pupils will be measuring the cross-section of the river at a number of sites along the course which will enable them to calculate the area of water through scale drawing which correlates well with the Maths department. They will also measure the speed of flow at each site and using these figures will be able to calculate the discharge of the river at each site. The basic hypothesis is “Does the River Medway’s discharge increase as it goes down stream?”

On a practical note Wellingtons, old clothes and a camera are fairly essential pieces of kit if they are to get the best out of the day.

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