Summer Challenge

Several years ago the Geography department set a summer holiday task for all pupils, prep, pre-prep and nursery to send in or bring back a postcard of their holiday destination. The results were mounted on a world map for all to see and they included every continent with literally dozens of different locations both here and abroad. I would rather like to repeat this for the coming holidays as I am sure that many of you are once again trekking off to many exotic locations on what appears to be an ever shrinking planet.

All you have to do is send a postcard from your holiday destination to the Geography Department here at school. If you cannot post the card simply bring the postcard back to school and hand it in either to me or the office. The only thing that I would ask is that you try to find a card which has a least the name of the country/city that you are visiting. It does not have to be abroad as I know that many of you will take your holidays within the UK.

Once I have all the cards they will be placed on the new world map which is on the wall in the stair well of the new block. So don’t forget your postcards!

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