Year by year Geography

Topics currently being studied in the senior years in the prep school include:

Year 8:

With the main external exams fast approaching at the start of June the year 8 pupils are deep into their revision sessions.  The idea is not to panic about the exams but to do something about them while you still can. Orals and aurals are due in the week commencing May11th.

Year 7:

This month’s topic is plate tectonics and the theory of Alfred Wegner. This will obviously lead to the study of both earthquakes and volcanoes. They will be looking at two case studies. Volcano will be Montserrat and the earthquake in Kobe Japan.

Useful web sites will be found if you google Montserrat. Images of the eruption and the causes and effects are all available. There is a similar number of sites devoted to the 1995 Kobe quake. For interest there is a lot of information available regarding the recent quake at L’Aquila

Year 6:

This months focus is on settlement and mainly the way that settlements have changed through time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of change. It is always helpful if the pupils are aware of the changes in their own settlement and the impacts that those changes may have had on their own village/town. Being in close proximity to Crawley urban changes here are all to clear to see from the re-development  of the old Crawley leisure centre to the proposed demolition and development of the town hall/post office area. Village changes are equally important as so many places around Copthorne become suburbanised.

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