Zoolab visits the Nursery

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Zoolab when we were introduced to many interesting creatures by keeper Sophie. Sid the snail, a giant African Land Snail, was particularly popular and most of the children enjoyed touching his hard shell and some enjoyed holding him. Millie the Millipede made us all laugh with her special way of recycling her food through her bottom to help the trees grow! Big Bob was a hissing cockroach from Madagascar who happens to be one of the fastest creatures in the world.

Many of the children were brave enough to hold him and were very interested to hear that his favourite food was smelly socks! We also met Jamie the hermit crab, Albie the white tree frog and Joey the corn snake. But the favourite amongst Spiderman fans was Peter Parker the Tarantula! Although we weren’t permitted to hold him – much to the relief of all the teachers – we did look closely at him and many children said he was their favourite.

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