Year 8 Enrichment

Following their final examinations which take place mid-way through the summer term, Year 8 embark on what we refer to as the ‘Enrichment Programme’. It is designed specifically to enrich their learning, free from the constraints of the examination syllabi; a period where there is time to explore and expand their knowledge beyond normal expectations.

This is achieved through a series of activities and challenges, most intellectual, some physical but all with the aim of developing new skills and equipping our Year 8 pupils to be able to face the challenges of moving to their new schools and beyond.

The challenges and activities this year included:


  • Analysing a range of children’s books and then creating their own characters and stories
  • Financial Management culminating in a trip to the Barclays Bank headquarters in London
  • Forensic Techniques leading to the solving of a fictional murder mystery
  • Urban Fieldwork projects based in and around Chichester
  • Exploring the history, language and culture of other French speaking countries.
  • Looking at the contribution of Federico Garcia Lorca to Spanish literature and Spain’s cultural history


  • Composing pop songs and directing accompanying pop videos
  • Theatre design including lighting techniques, costume design and set construction
  • Film making, film editing and stop motion animation
  • Writing and performing a Comedy Sketch Night for their parents
  • Using the iPads to illustrate their English story books


  • The annual ‘Leavers Walk’ from Copthorne to Ditchling
  • A week long watersports trip to South West France
  • Cricket and Rounders matches against their parents

Community Service

  • Spending time with the residents of Heatherley and Francis Court care homes
  • Completing a St. John First Aid Course