2nd Netball VII v Cumnor U13C & U12B Triangle – Won 8-4 & 4-3

Copthorne went to Cumnor House to play against two of their teams.  The first match was against U13C and the girls got off to a brilliant start despite the bitter winds. Chloe and Prisha worked exceptionally well together in the D, showing some great teamwork and spatial awareness. Cumnor struggled to get the ball down their end of the court, and when they did it was very often blocked out of the D by our fabulous defenders, Kilti and Georgia. Great interceptions from Tori prevented Cumnor getting regular contact with the ball. After a short 20 minute match, the score was 8-4 to Copthorne.

The second game gave Copthorne a bit more of a fight; however they didn’t let this get to them. Focused and determined, Copthorne kept battling and won the first half 3-1. The mid court players; Katie, Harriet and Willow kept the game together, binding the team, working the ball from one end to the other. The last quarter went slightly downhill, however Copthorne kept the lead and beat Cumnor 4-3. Well played girls, what great teamwork!

Player of the match: Chloe for outstanding shooting and movement on court. HD


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