2nd XI vs Cottesmore

A torrential mid-morning rainstorm preceded an unexpectedly sweltering October afternoon to leave near perfect conditions for the beautiful game. An enthusiastic Cottesmore team packed with international talent gave us the kick-off and the first half contained some of the best football we have played this year- good quick passing and solid tackling. New captain Luke controlled his defense manfully with joint Men of the Match Oli H and Jamie making a plethora of outstanding tackles and powerful clearances to keep Cottesmore at bay. In the midfield Max, played the role of aggressor, being on both ends of some fairly tough tackles and Freddie acted as playmaker- pushing the ball out to an in form Oli C and new boy Simon on the wings. We couldn’t quite get an attack going but it’s fair to say that when Cottesmore managed to squeeze one past Gianluca in goal it was against the run of play and we were unlucky to go in to half time 1-0 down.

Maybe there was something in the oranges, but we changed ends and temporarily forgot how to play football! The now sizeable crowd were left silenced by 3 quick Cottesmore goals in 8 minutes- one of which was an unstoppable 30 yard chip by their Nigerian midfielder but the other two involved some inexplicable decision making at all levels to gift them the goals. At 4-0 down the game was gone but the last 15 minutes were more like the first half with a semblance of normality returning to the team, but as I sit here writing this, I’m fairly sure we did not have any shots on goal in the whole game. The fact is that without scoring goals we are not going to win games. In practice we are brilliant at shooting, but in matches our lack of moving off the ball and dodgy passing means that the opportunity rarely, and sometimes never, arises. This is what we must work on this week before the next match.

So in conclusion, another unflattering scoreline in a game where we played well for the majority of the game. Keep your heads up boys, and let’s get another win in the bag before half term!

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