U11A&B Netball v Cumnor

After limited training this week due to the adverse weather conditions, the U11A and B teams found themselves at short notice, as well as the U10 teams up against Cumnor. Despite the limited training and illness this week both teams managed well today and were very thankful to be playing inside, as was I! Each team played three periods of 8 minutes, with the U11Bs kicking off.

The U11Bs had a good first period and found themselves evenly matched with Cumnor, with some fabulous defending from Emma and good court work from Lucy.  However it was the second period that let the U11Bs down and they just couldn’t seem to get the ball into the circle and convert from it, which Cumnor used to their advantage and bumped their scoreline up. In the third and last period Copthorne really picked their game up and went for it displaying some good ball and court skills by everyone, with a super goal from Willow. However due to the U11Bs poor second period, Cumnor took the match 9 goals to 1 which was a shame as both teams were evenly matched in the first and third periods, well tried girls! My player of the match for this team today has to go to Emma for her superb interceptions and fighting spirit!

The U11As were then next to play and having watched the U11B match they knew that Cumnor were going to be tough and no push overs, this did not deter the girls however and they put out a strong performance in the first period, with some good play by everyone putting them a goal up at the end of the period. However like the U11Bs the U11As lost their momentum in the second period and allowed Cumnor too much space and opportunity allowing them to take the lead. In the last period it was all to play for as it could have been anyone’s match and I thought Copthorne were in for a chance to regain the lead, but again they allowed Cumnor too much space and allowed them to dominate their play and the game! As a result of this Cumnor won the match 15 goals to 6! A good attempt girls we could have beaten them, but there is always a next time! My player of the match for this team today has to go to Freya who once again proved what a valuable player she is on court and whose determination unfortunately did not pay off today.

Well done today to all the U11s however you all must start believing in yourselves more as players, and as a team as you can do it, and I’m sure with more further hard work especially on your movement, assertiveness and aggression on court then you will improve and achieve! TC

Thank you to our supporters and to Mr Coulson for helping to shuttle the girls to and from Cumnor.

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