U11A Netball v Cottesmore – Won 12-10

Well I will start by saying how nice it was to see some familiar faces today and to see how their skills and knowledge had developed in netball! 

In the first quarter of the match Copthorne were very nervous (this seems to be a trait with all the Copthorne girls teams at the moment in the first quarter!) and the U11s found themselves doing all the hard work only to throw it away on silly mistakes, which Cottesmore used to their advantage managing to level three all with Copthorne at the end of the quarter! At the end of the first quarter after a ‘team talk’ and a few changes of position Copthorne came out with a change of attitude and seemed more determined! Copthorne really got it together in this quarter and there was some great defensive play from Harriet and Micky and court work from Freya and Hannah; however Copthorne soon found out that overheads wouldn’t work today especially into the D with Cottemore’s extremely strong defence! This did not deter the U11s though and with a change of tactics, by the end of the first half they had managed to pull away from Cottesmore and were up by two goals!

It was all to play for in the last two quarters and Cottesmore sure weren’t making it easy for the U11s today however they fought on and had a brilliant third quarter with fantastic interceptions being made by Harriet and Micky in defence. Freya and Hannah also worked well together on court and feed the ball well into the D which Chloe and Prisha converted from. After the U11S brilliant third quarter they seemed to lose their momentum and dipped a bit in the fourth quarter allowing Cottesmore to come back into the game but the U11S held their own and fought to the very end! As a result the U11S took the win 12-10 which was well deserved!

All of the U11S demonstrated some good netball at times today however my player of the match has to be shared between Harriet and Freya as both players showed outstanding determination that certainly paid off, well done girls!

Congratulations also to Harriet, Alys and Hannah who were all playing up a year today!

I look forward to working with this team more and watching them develop further as they definitely have the potential, they just need to get their fighting spirit and enthusiasm back!  T.C

Harriet, Freya, Micky, Chloe, Prisha, Emma, Alys, Hannah.

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