Copthorne vs. Stoke Brunswick

What a spectacular game! The girls blitzed the first quarter making the score 3-1 with both great passion, skill and defence being displayed. During the second quarter the energy dropped slightly, and astray passes allowed Stoke to pull ahead 4-3. However, through an interlude of ‘sumo wrestling’ at half time the energy was back up there and it was obvious the girls were having fun. Despite a long break in the third quarter due to a rather graceful fall (and astounding amount of blood from Sophie’s hand) the team continued to take countless intercepts and drive hard on to the ball, maintaining the 1 point difference score line (6-5 to Stoke). Although we lost some momentum in the last quarter, the final score 10-6 to Stoke does not reflect on any account the amount of passion and hard work the spectators could see in the girls from the sidelines. Very, very well played game girls!!


Team: Sofia, Veronica, Harriet, Isobel, India, Meg, Joanna, Sophie, Rebecca

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