U8 Netball v Caterham

This week all the U8 girls went to play  Hi5 matches against Caterham. The girls were split into 3 teams of 5 and they all played 2 matches.

The first matches were Copthorne 1 against Caterham 2 and Copthorne 2 against Caterham 1. Both teams played well and took advantage of the extra space they had to move into. Copthorne 2 struggled to get the ball down the court against the strong team of Caterham 1 and their final score was 0-3. Copthorne 1 moved the ball well down court and with some fantastic goals from

Sophie Gillam the final score was 3-0 to Copthorne.

The second round of matches saw Copthorne 1 play Caterham 1 and Copthorne 3 play Caterham 2. Both teams again played well dodging into space. Copthorne 1 had a tough match against Caterham 1 but kept working hard. This paid off and the final score was 1-0 to Copthorne. Copthorne 3 also played well and fought for the ball. Sheen Dullo was brilliant in defence and the final score was a draw at 0-0.

The last round of matches was Copthorne 3 v Caterham 1 and Copthorne 2 v Caterham 2. Copthorne 3 once again fought well with Sheen Dullo making some good interceptions. Unfortunately Caterham 1 were too strong and the final score was 0-3. Copthorne 2 also played well and had some good attempts at goal, however the posts were a little too high for our shooters and the final score was 0-1 to Caterham.  Overall the girls played well and thoroughly enjoyed playing Hi5s.

Thank you too all the girls and all the supporters.  HC


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