Rugby House Matches

Well the snow had all but gone and the weather was fair for the first rugby house matches for some years. It was posssible, despite various absences, to have sides at Under 11, 9 and 8 levels. The numbers per team were determined by the house with the fewest numbers but the referees, (big thanks to CJ, DJ, CD, CH, & WL) made the most of the situation. Looking at the scores there was certainly some really competetive rugby and in the main it was played in an excellent spirit with lots of encouragement given to all players.
At under 8 level Sale prove to be the strongest side winning all of their games which was also the case at Under 11 level. The under 9’s were taken by Workman but as this is a combimed competetion it is the 2nd’s and 3rd’s that may have an influence onthe overall result. There also remains the results of the Under 13 hockey to add into the mix so the overall winner is yet to be decided.
I was certainly impressed with a lot of what I saw during the afternoon and I hope that the watching parents had a good day.
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