Colts C v Pennthorpe

The game was very much one-sided; the C team conceding 10 tries overall for none scored. Robert Rose and Jack Glascott played with great enthusiasm, and so did German Ocampo-Barrera. Credits to those three players for not giving up. Unfortunately that was not enough. At half-time, Michael Kulin took over from team captain Robbie Easton as scrum-half and Aiden Burroughs-Marsh and Archie Merry came in as substitutes. However, none of these changes made a difference.                                    

André Kane, Elliott Young and Neel Patel also tried their best but the opposition was simply too strong. I am pleased with Barlas Balabaner for choosing to come back and give it one more try after a very rough start and also with Frederik Alexandru for delivering a decent game whilst playing longer than the amount of time he was expected to.  JM


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