U10A Netball v Great Walstead – Won 24-2

The girls put on another excellent win again today against Great Walstead.

After the first quarter we were winning 13–1 this was down to Ami, Yelena and Elise in the centre of the court working hard and intercepting every ball whenever it got close to the Walstead players and feeding lovely balls into Alice, who’s shooting was again on top form. Well done Alice and Elise for getting us off to an excellent start!

The second quarter it was Yelena’s turn to shoot with Elise and they did this very well together, with some excellent moving in the ‘D’. Amber and Madeleine had a bit more to do but won the ball every time. The girls moved the ball from one side of the court to the other very well today with some lovely linking passes. Holly had a great game intercepting most of the balls that were thrown to her partner. We then all changed positions and Madeleine and Amber were into shoot and after working around and one going forward and other going back, got some excellent shots in, but Walstead also scored in that quarter. Ami then went into shoot and after realising that she can take her time when she is shooting, the balls were flying in. Holly was moving around in the ‘D’

creating space for Ami to get into. With Madeleine throwing some lovely balls into the two shooters.

Another super performance today girls! Well done! LJ


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