U10A Netball v Lancing – Won 34-0

Another cold day and another super win for the U10A’s this week with Lancing not even scoring 1 goal. We started off with some lovely linking passes from Ami and Yelena to work together with Elise to get the ball to Alice in the ‘D’, but with the first shot not going in, we had to win the ball back for a second attempt. Once the first goal went in from Alice, the girls calmed the passes down and then every shot was going in. Elise was jumping for the rebounds and winning them every time.

After the first quarter we were winning 12-0.

We knew we were better than the Lancing team this week, which meant we were all going to have a turn at shooting and after the first quarter it was Yelena’s turn to work with Elise. Madeleine and Amber didn’t have much to do in the first half, but when the ball was with the Lancing players we soon won back the possession with some lovely interceptions from Ami and Emily Workman. The score at half time was 24-0. (our highest score this season was 21)

Madeleine and Amber then stepped up to shoot and between them they scored 5 goals, with some lovely movement around the ‘D’ from both of them. In the last quarter Emily and Ami were in to shoot, Alice had a great game as Centre winning the ball and between her and Yelena throwing some lovely accurate balls into Emily and Ami. Emily got her first shot in from distance and then it was Ami’s turn to get a few in, after being reminded that she wasn’t playing Centre anymore and that she needed to take her time, they were flying through the net!!

An excellent result today girls! Still unbeaten!!  Well done I am very proud of all of you!  LJ


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