U11A Netball v Cumnor – Won 18-9

The first centre pass was won by Cumnor and they were quick to score from it. Copthorne soon responded with a goal and Cumnor’s shooting was strong and they soon came back with two more goals. Our passing, focus and marking did not appear as strong as they have been in previous matches and although we were able to score three more goals than Cumnor at the end of the first quarter it looked as if it was to be a close game.

However, it was in the second quarter that the girls began to show their true colours with some fantastic interceptions from Alys, Karina, Liliana and Harriet. Elizabeth and Jemima kept close to their players making it hard for Cumnor to get the ball into the D whilst Hannah and Alys continued to score confidently.

By half time the score was 12-5 and although the girls could have become a little complacent Copthorne were determined to continue increasing their goal difference. Cumnor picked up the pace and at times some careless marking gave the opposition an advantage. Nevertheless Copthorne’s attacking pace and general defending meant that Cumnor only scored a further five goals whereas we roared ahead with a total of 18.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Elizabeth for her super attitude as she played on despite a very nasty fall followed by an injury to her fingers. Well done Elizabeth as I know you were in quite a bit of pain but you didn’t let your team down and that’s what team sports are about – sticking together despite the odds and doing your very best.

Well done girls and many thanks to all the lovely mums who supported us and kept this umpire very amused!  LD




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