U9B Netball v Cumnor B&C – Won 5-0 & 2-1

Well what a surprise that the match was on! We arrived at Cumnor House only to be told that there were two matches U9 B&C teams. I preferred for my U9’s to play the C team first just to give them a boost ready in time to play their B team. Copthorne started off very strong and I knew from the start it was going to be one sided. Liliana controlled the whole centre court allowing Hannah & Natalie to dominate their own thirds. After playing four quarters we won 5-0.

With a little break and all 7 girls to get some fluid, it was now time to face the B’s. Quite an even start with lots of centre court play. Cumnor scored first. Then for the next two quarters no goals were being scored. I decided to change my GA and give Natalie a go, who managed to score twice making it 2-1 to Copthorne. The girls really played well and as a team showed that by playing to the end truly pays off. We won both matches. Girls of the match are Hannah and Liliana.¬†MC

Team: Hannah, Natalie, Liliana, Nina, Ria, Evie, Zillyan

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