Under 9As win in close contest against Great Walstead

Copthorne    2    Great Walstead    1

Try scorers: Zac, Charlie

The Under 9As got back into action after a few weeks without a match, and they performed very well, even though the side had been slightly hit by a nasty bug that has been going through the school lately.  We played down the hill in the first half, and started strongly, putting Walstead under pressure with some good strong tackling.  William, Zevon and Luke were very solid, but Charlie led the way, always getting forward quickly to try and smother any attacks our opponents made, and all of the boys got stuck into their defensive duties too.  We could have been a little more pro-active in going into rucks to secure the ball more often but we scored the opening try about 5 minutes into the game, thanks to a strong run from Zac who burst through several tackles before crossing the line.  A stalemate followed for the next 10 minutes, with our boys generally having more of the ball and occupying our opponents’ half, but to give them credit, Walstead tackled quite well and often managed to rip the ball off us to deny us possession. 

In the second half Walstead scored quite early to level the match off, thanks to a run from their speedy winger around the outside of our defence.  We continued to have the best of the game, though it was closely contested, and our players could have created more dangerous chances if we had passed the ball a little earlier, rather than trying to offload after being held by an opponent.  Charlie capped off a very good game with a nice try after breaking through a tackle, and Bradley was unlucky to get shoved into touch just as he was about to go over in the corner.  On the whole a good game for the team; well done boys!

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