Father Christmas Letters

Year 1 have been writing letters to Father Christmas. Others are in the classrooms if parents are looking for inspiration!

Dear Santa, I work well. I have been quiet. I was sitting nicely. Please can you give me some presents. I would like a new DS game. Love from Yssouf

Dear Father Christmas, Please may I have an iPod. Please may I have a two wheeler scooter. I hope the reindeer are safe to fly. Love Connie

Dear Santa, I have been kind to my friends and please could I have a 3DS and a TV in my room. I would I could see you in my room. Love from Sam P

Dear Father Christmas, Please may I have a Peppa Pig tree house. I want a golden coin maker. Love Kimberley

Dear Santa, I have been working hard. Can you give me toys. I will help my mum. Please can I have all of the cars2 cars and can you give me sweets. Love from Esaam

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