Lovely stories about Animals

Year 1 have been working on describing words and have produced some excellent descriptions and drawings of animals:

A dragon is big and breathes orange fire. It is kind of an oval shape with a big strong neck. It has a big tummy and claws that are as sharp as needles. If you get fire on your heart or your
face, you will die. A dragon has wet shiny scales and he is very scary. A dragon has big strong wings. They look like bat’s wing s and they look like rubber.

Natasha Jones

The Big Dog
This big dog is as big as a table. He is always happy. He like children. He has a lovely fat tummy. He does not bite anybody. He has a smooth coat and it is brown like velvet. He has kind, round eyes and the colour of them is green. He has a loud bark but is very gentle. He is a fast runner and at the end of the day he is very sleepy.

Rebecca Keen

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