The ‘Big Write’

Year 1 enjoyed their first ‘Big Write’ this week, completely unaided, but with Mozart music in the  background, candles around the room and even special pencils.  There were some lovely results including the following:

Luca:  Once there was a rainbow and at the end of it there were some bushes. In the bushes there was a treasure chest full of chocolate coins. There was a giant guarding it but he was in his house so I took the Treasure Chest. 

Lilly:  I went on a trip to the rainbow and there I saw Hanuman the monkey. We went to a party and went on a swing and a slide. Then we went back home. 

Antony:  I see at the end of the rainbow there is a Sweetyland! There everything is made out of sweets.  The cars are made out of candyfloss.  The witch wanted to turn the sweeties into vegetables but the smurfs wanted to keep the sweets. 

Freya:  At the end of the rainbow, I saw a unicorn.  It was shiny and guarding shimmering gold.  A witch was guarding it…..  (Freya’s story ends with her and the witch sliding down the rainbow where she found a pot of gold which she sold!) 

Emily’s Big Write was a conversation between herself and a queen bee which ended with Emily happily carrying home a pot of gold!   

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