Wind in the Willows

Year 1 & 2 trip to The Wind in the Willows – Mr Toad was an obvious favourite with the children at this high quality dramatic production at the Polka Theatre in Wimbledon. It is a purpose built children’s theatre and, with a skeleton cast and a single set, the cast were able to convince us that Toad was in a glass jar and that badger lived underground. The children were paragons of good behaviour and sat riveted throughout the performance. Here is a selection of the children’s writing about their day out:

‘We went to see the Wind in the Willows. My favourite character was Badger because he was funny and he was brave.’ Zara

‘I went to the Theatre. My favourite character was Toady because he was going ‘poop poop’ and he made me laugh!’ Isabelle

‘I liked the background – it was beautiful – especially when the clouds were on the screen.’ Akanksha

‘I like the way Badger said “Company! Pah!” ‘ William

‘The story was about a badger, water rat, a toad and a mole … I would tell my friends to see this play because it’s funny’. Nicko

‘I absolutely adored the show. It was such a good outing. The mole was my best nocturnal animal.’ Ruby H

‘My favourite part was when they fought each other and also before the animals ran around with Toady.’ Luca

‘I would tell my mum and dad to go because I think it’s funny and my mum and dad like funny things.’ Alayna

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