Year 1 News – Summer Term 2017 – Week 4

This week was Mrs Lock’s class turn to enjoy toast cooked over the fire and I think we all agreed it was very tasty indeed! We identified lots of trees in the woods and noted that the most popular tree we saw was a holly, closely followed by silver birch.

We have all been busy using lots of joining techniques to make Jack’s Beanstalk – we tried masking tape, sellotape, Pritt stick and staplers to try and embellish our stalks with leaves. We are yet to measure to find out which class has made the longest stalk …

Maths caused great excitement as we used balance scales to weigh objects around the class. We had to estimate the amount of cubes first, then use our Unifix cubes to balance the items. One of our china mugs weighed over a hundred cubes! For some of us, the hardest thing was working in teams!

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