A giant thirsty Frog …

Year 2 have enjoyed learning all about a giant thirsty frog called Tiddalik, who lived in the Australian Dreamtime. Ayush wrote: ‘In Australia there was a frog called Tiddalik. He drank all the rivers, lakes, the seas and the billabongs of the world. At last he rested. The animals were thirsty. The wombat said we can make him laugh by doing silly things. They had a play about. Some animals did jokes. Some animals made silly dances and some sang. The play about woke platypus up. Platypus said EXCUSE ME! Then Tiddalik started to smile. Then he laughed and laughed and all the water washed out of his mouth. The animals thanked platypus because she made Tiddalik laugh.’ Kieron wrote: ‘Tiddalik lives in Australia. One morning he was thirsty and drank all the water in Australia, he got big and fat and the water dried up. The animals made a plan. Some animals played jokes and it did not work. Platypus was grumpy. She is coming out of her burrow. Platypus made Tiddalik laugh and all the water came out his mouth.’ Shanaya also worked particularly hard with this exercise and drew a beautiful picture.

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