Outing to Horsham Church


This is the 8th  year that our Year 1 children have been warmly welcomed to this historic Church. To ensure that the children are calm and respect the atmosphere of the church, they say a prayer and keep one minute’s  eflective silence at the start of their visit. Some of the boys’ reports of their visit:

We went to Horsham to see St. Mary’s church. We saw the golden eagle holding the Bible. We saw the cross net and we saw the stained glass window and the stone knight and we saw the organ. The church is 800 years old.     Elliott M

I went to Horsham Church. I saw carving on the pew. I saw the golden eagle. The church is made of stone.    Peter K

I went to Horsham St Mary’s Church. I saw a golden eagle. The knight had a pillow of a lion. Charlie N

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