Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – a newspaper review!!!

Yesterday night, Tuesday 16th march 2010, Year 4 children in Copthorne prep School performed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to a huge audience.

The narrators stated the show with a bang, claiming that the first golden ticket finder was Augustus Gloop, soon followed by the gum chewing maniac Violet Beauregarde, Verruca Salt and Mike Teavee and of course our hero Charlie Bucket. For me the highlight of the show was when Verruca Salt (Chloe Redston) a spoilt little brat fell down the garbage shoot which was in Scene 8. There were 11 scenes in total; Ben Kinnear who played the Willy Wonka was absolutely amazing, it was as if he had taken 20 years to learn the script as he was so professional.

The running time was just over an hour, but watching it seemed so fast.

Michaela Scott reporting for 4A

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