U11B Netball v Great Walstead – Lost 5-10

Despite the goal difference, both teams were closely matched. Unfortunately Great Walstead were one¬†player short so it was decided that one of our players would play for the opposition. This seemed a better option as it would allow all the girls to play. Georgina kindly volunteered to play for the first quarter. Great Walstead had the first centre pass and Copthorne soon intercepted the ball. There were some good strong passes and it wasn’t long before Elly scored our first goal. Unfortunately Copthorne didn’t use their first centre pass to their advantage and Great Walstead soon equalised. By the end of the first half Great Walstead had managed to score a further seven whereas we had only managed one more goal. It was a pity as Copthorne were moving for the ball and marking closely. However, although we were intercepting and making contact with the ball there were many occasions where our players did not follow through. There were some rushed passes which were also intercepted by the opposition. After half-time and a couple of changes, Emily was now playing for the oppositon and working hard to intercept our players, Copthorne began to take possession of the game and scored a further three goals. There was some great defending from Ella, Eloise and Willow, some good goals from Elly, Georgina and Willow and Alejandra did some good passes from the back line. Our player of the match was undoubtedly our captain Lucy who maintained the pace throughout the whole of the game. A good effort girls and better luck next time. LD

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