Pupils in years 7 & 8 have entered the UK Junior Maths Challenge this week. This is a nationally run competition for all pupils in years 7 & 8. Certificates are awarded for Bronze, Silver and Gold. Pupils will find out if they have been awarded these in early June. Here is a sample of some of the questions – Quite a Challenge !! Mrs Lee


How many minutes are there from 11:11 until 23:23 on the same day ?


A  12               B  720              C 732              D 1212            E 7212


The Kettle in Keith’s kitchen is 80% full. After 20% of the water in it has been poured out, there are 1152ml of water left. What volume of water does Keith’s kitchen kettle hold when it is full ?


A 1400ml         B 1600ml         C 1700ml         D 1800ml         E 2000ml


The currency used on the planet Zog consists of bank notes of a fixed size differing only in colour. Three green notes and eight blue notes are worth 46 zogs; eight green notes and three blue notes are worth 31 zogs. How many zogs are two green notes and three blue notes worth ?


A 13 zogs         B 16 zogs         C 19 zogs         D 25 zogs         E 27 zogs