Form Captain, 8S

Hi, my name is Charlotte Varela, I am thirteen years old.


I am form captain of 8S. As form captain my duties are to bring the register to form time, keep the library tidy and express the views of my fellow class members to the school council.

I enjoy many activities including sport. I bike ride, swim, trek, and play netball with my peers. I swim competitively for Crawley Swimming Club and play netball for Mid Sussex.


In school, I play for the 1st netball, and am joint captain of the swimming team with my fellow swimmer, Katherine Parkin.

One of my greatest achievements is becoming a prefect.


In school my favourite subjects are, history, science, drama and languages.


I am currently taking part in our school production of Bugsy Malone and am a Dancer and Ventriloquist!

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