A brilliant experiment!

January 28, 2019

Last Friday during science, we felt how attraction and repelling felt with magnets. We then tested how many paperclips could fit on the big magnet. It was a horseshoe magnet which was completely made out of metal. We managed to fit on 125 paper clips before the chain fell off the magnet. I estimated 80. […]

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National Bird Watching Weekend

To coincide with the National Bird watching weekend, the children from Oaks class along with the residents of Francis Court spent the morning making edible bird hangers out of Cheerios. Great fun was had when they were placed in the garden for the birds. The children also coloured in pictures of birds and looked through […]

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Lifecoach News

January 25, 2019

As I mentioned last week, Year 7 are looking at themselves, particularly when they are NOT at their best. Another way of describing this is ‘how your child behaves under pressure’. ‘Under Pressure’ is different for each personality/behavioural type. For example, some types love being asked to take charge and make decisions, whereas that would […]

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Our CREST Awards

Well done to the CREST science awards club for finishing the “superstar” challenge where they completed 8 hands on practical experiments. They received their certificates and badges this week from the British Science Association for this achievement. Congratulations Beau, Bastie, Meet, Ryan, Talia, Alexander, Rafe and Arun!

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Busy in Year 2

As approved crew members for the ‘Endurance Expedition’ with Sir Ernest Shackleton, we have been busy writing our diaries to record this incredible adventure. We are producing wonderful descriptive writing, rich with adjectives and descriptions of what it must have felt like whilst on this journey to Antarctica. We are realising how important our team […]

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Maths, IT, DT – all happens in Year 1!

We have been thinking about devices which we control as part of our IT lessons. This week we were all rather excited to sequence how we make toast – and there were a variety of ways to do this – but with discussion we worked out the easiest way to do it! We then went […]

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A particularly Productive Week

This week has been particularly productive! We all wrote about our weekend using our phonics to write the words. We also enjoyed the ‘dough disco’ on Friday before doing our neatest handwriting. In Maths we have learned about doubling numbers, number bonds to 10 and finding halves which we investigated with cupcakes. We all had […]

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Rumble in the Jungle

Pippins class have made a fantastic ‘rumble in the jungle’ display this week and talking about all the different. We have also made some rather fierce lions using fur and handprints and some friendly elephants with old milk bottles   and tissue paper. This week Acorns class have been busy counting currant buns as we […]

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We are delighted to announce
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