We have arrived!

March 31, 2019

Arrived in Aosta! About to go and get the skis fit now! It a beautiful day In Aosta – 16 degrees! Moscow last Sunday, Aosta today – what a jet setter Franz is! Speedily through ski fit! All sorted with skis, boots poles and helmets ready for tomorrow! Off for lunch now – Franz thinks it’s either […]

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And so it begins!

And so it begins … Franz (the intrepid skiing correspondent from Copthorne) has dusted off his Lycra ski racing pants, fashionable in the 80’s, and is now en route to Dover. Children all wearing bright orange hoodies and look like they have been tangoed! Or like convicts in orange jumpsuits! Makes them highly visible so […]

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Ski Photos

Below are a selection of photos (the rest will be added at the end of the trip on to the Photo Gallery when the cameras are returned!)

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School Ski Trip – Pila, Italy

March 30, 2019

The much anticipated annual school ski trip has begun! Franz has dusted off his lycra ski pants from last year and is looking forward to the week! To read more about his antics and the children’s adventures, please read on! A photo page has been set up, but please bear in mind that we won’t […]

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Copthorne House Quiz

March 28, 2019

This week, we had an exciting and competitive Copthorne House Quiz in the sports hall. Each house had to attempt 100 general knowledge questions, identify a selection of films / famous characters, and  finally ….. ‘Break the Code’! A current score board was running as the question sheets were being marked ‘hot off the press’ […]

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Positive Thoughts

March 25, 2019

Year 6 have been looking at affirmations and how starting the day with a positive thought can make all the difference, ’a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything’ they have been discussing positive and encouraging comments said by parents and friends and how much of an impact it has on […]

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‘History Detectives’

This week has seen Year 2 take on the role as a ‘history detective’! Using only a few clues, could they work out who the mystery person from ‘The Great Fire of London’ could be? In doing this they are building an understanding of how we find out about events from the past and that […]

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Another busy week!

We had a lovely time at the Apple Tree Hindu Temple in Crawley this week. The children did us all proud and were very good listeners during our time there. We asked many clever questions and listened to the answers with interest. We learnt the names of several Gods and joined in with some gentle […]

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