Students with headteacher

Month: May 2021

Year 2 & 3 transition day

24th May 2021

Year 2 had a blast this week with the Year 3’s for their second transition day. They were tasked to paint a picture based on a description from The Green…

Year 2

10th May 2021

This week Year 2 have continued learning about Australia. The children wrote fact files about the country and created fabulous dot paintings. We also looked at another Dreamtime story, Tiddalick,…

Year 1

10th May 2021

In Year 1 this week, we have been looking at the Royal Family and their family tree during our Topic lessons. The children had great fun working out their own…


10th May 2021

We are buzzing with our minibeast topic this week. We learnt all about bees and discussed what words we could think of… we came up with honey, buzz, wing, sting and…

Year 4

10th May 2021

Year 4 (TC) enjoyed making objects from woodland materials and clay, and used string to square lash sticks together. Everyone enjoyed lunch in the woods and the lesson ended with…

Year 6

10th May 2021

Year 6 were looking at how different adaptations could lead to extinction if a habitat’s conditions changed. They made animals and assessed whether they would survive based on their adaptations….

Year 3

10th May 2021

Oh what fun it is to be in Year 3! It’s been a busy term already for our pupils… In Maths they have been learning about fractions, in English they…