Home from Home

Copthorne Prep has extended hospitality to boarders on a formal and informal basis since its inception in 1902. For many, boarding is an integral part of school life, whilst for others, it is an opportunity to spend a night away from home in the company of friends, in an environment that is welcoming, familiar and secure. Boarding really defines who we are, and is the embodiment of that in which we excel – pastoral care.

Boarding at Copthorne seeks to provide a home from home for your son or daughter, creating a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Children can relax and enjoy being with friends in a safe environment, as well as having supervised time to do homework, extend their learning on collaborative projects or practise their musical instruments. The evening activities are fun and vary from week to week.

Parents leave their children in our care, confident that they will be looked after well and that the resident staff will protect their interests and welfare. Boarding is run on the principle that it should be as much like a child’s home as possible, where good sense, good humour and mutual support abound.

“Your wonderful school has been a second home to our whole family, and one in which we have all been so happy”.  (Parent of Year 8 leaver, 2017)