Boarding Activities Autumn 2015

Wednesday 16th September Campfire night (All ages)

A popular event; crackling fire, sizzling sausages and gently toasting marshmallows! Bring some warm clothes.

Monday 21st September Dodge ball Year 3-5


Wednesday 23rd September Rugby World Cup: Australia v Fiji

Watch England’s pool opponents bash each other to bits!

Tuesday 29th September Woodland Games

Fun in the woods for Years 5 up.

Wednesday 7th October Rugby World Cup: South Africa v USA


Thursday 15th October The Copthorne Bake off  (All ages)

A cookie cooking competition. Mr Jenkins has volunteered to be the judge!

Tuesday 3rd November Multi Sports event (Years 5 & 6)

Compete with your friends in a range of different sporting challenges.

Wednesday 18th November Night Hike (All ages)

Bring a torch, good shoes and warm clothes, and prepare for a night-time expedition!

Monday 23rd November Movie Night – the Minions Movie

Join us for a relaxed evening of trying not to choke on your popcorn as you laugh at those little yellow rascals!

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