Weekly Boarding Activities

Book early to avoid disappointment as places will fill up quickly.
Send Mr Ansboro an e-mail to boarding@copthorneprep.co.uk

Spring Term 22019

Week 3 Wed 22 Jan Quiz Night (All ages) – BOYS’ DORM IS FULL
Test your general knowledge and pop culture at Mr Glaysher’s quiz night. Prize to be won!
Week 4 Thur 31 Jan Copthorne Champions League (All ages) – BOYS’ DORM IS FULL
Mr Ansboro will be hosting our very own boarding football competition.
Week 5 Mon 4 Feb Pool Party (All ages)
The ever popular pool party returns to the boarding house. Book in early for this one!
Week 7 Wed 27 Feb Ready. Steady. Cook (All ages)
Miss P will put your Home Ec skills to the test. Will it be Green Peppers or Red Tomatoes?
Week 8 Tue 5 Mar  Pool Party (All ages) – BOYS’ DORM IS FULL
If you missed out first time round, here is another chance to book a place for the pool party!
Week 9 Thur 14 Mar Copthorne Cinema (All ages) – BOTH BOYS’ AND GIRLS’ DORMS ARE FULL
Mr Gallagher’s popular cinema night is back. The newest DVD release and popcorn in our theatre!
Week 10 Thur 21 Mar Capture the Flag in the Woods (All ages) – BOYS’ DORM IS FULL
The fans’ favourite game will take place in the woods this time round for some added excitement.