Boarding News – Sept/Oct 2016

21st October 2016

We have had an action packed half term, welcoming lots of children trying out boarding for the first time. Thankfully we did not have to send any one home in the middle of the night so well done to all! We had a really fun campfire in the woods with “mega marshmallows” and sausages roasted on sticks!!

copthorne-prep-school-boarding-news-1-oct-1996We had some lovely nights in with movies and Mrs Jenkins famous hot cocoa and popcorn.






copthorne-prep-school-boarding-news-2-oct-1996But the highlight was without a doubt our “Copthorne Bake Off” which proved to be an action packed and extremely messy affair!!
The children had to make a sponge roulade and separating eggs was a rather hilarious spectacle!





copthorne-prep-school-boarding-news-3-oct-1996Needless to say not all the roulades turned out light and fluffy but all teams tried hard and ended the night with a cake of one form or another! The judges (Mr Jenkins and Mr VM) had fun tasting the yummy cakes (some were tastier than others) and decided on the winner!





copthorne-prep-school-boarding-news-4-oct-1996Congratulations to Lacey, Dylan, Harley and Josie for a superb roulade! I am sure Mary Berry will be contacting you shortly!
Boarding is a fantastic opportunity for your children to learn life skills like independence as well as have fun in a family environment so please feel free to email Mr Jenkins with any bookings or queries.