Boarding Options

We run a range of options which include full, weekly and flexi boarding. Whichever option you choose, your son or daughter will be assured of the same excellent levels of care and support.


For children whose parents live far afield, nationally or internationally, the full boarding option may be the most suitable. An exciting programme of weekend activities is on offer to our full boarders, and they are under the supervision of the boarding House Parents, together with our other resident staff and Gap Students. The school has two exeat weekends per term, as well as a half-term holiday; at these times children can return home or be cared for by guardians.


Weekly boarding operates from Sunday night to Friday evening and meets the needs of a wide range of parents who may live slightly further away, work long hours or simply lead very busy lives. Children are well looked after during the week, and parents have them home at the weekends for quality family time. (Staff collect and deliver our weekly boarders from/to London Victoria or Gatwick railway station on Sunday and Friday evenings, ensuring secure transport arrangements).


Flexi boarding enables children to book in, as and when the need arises (subject to availability!) This is a popular choice after late returns from sports fixtures or play rehearsals as well as a very convenient solution for parents who occasionally have to work away from home or cannot collect in the evening. Flexi boarding also provides a turnover of children within the boarding house, promoting social mobility, familiarity and friendships across year groups.