A shared reading experience..

The new texts for the term have been set and I’m pleased to see everyone enjoying the books we’ve chosen. Thank you to all those parents out there who relentlessly remind their loved ones to read their books (and to bring them back to school the next morning!).

 Studying a set text together brings a very real context to our English studies and a setting for our creative writing. Studying literature is also a major part of Common Entrance and so the children need to practise responding to text through essays, comprehension questions and creative writing tasks as much as possible.

 Much of our Drama this term will also be based on the set texts we study in English. Again, the shared context and theme allows the children to imagine themselves in the story and explore relationships, conflicts and circumstances within it, all in the safety of fictional role play.

 If any parent is able to find time (I know as a parent of four myself how hard this can be!) to read the story too, this would enable you to discuss it with your children and explore the themes within it together. Talking about books is as important as reading them. A shared reading experience is what we are striving for.

 Happy reading this term!

Andrew Hammond

Head of English

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