2nd XI vs Cottesmore

A beautiful day met us at Cottesmore for this match, but the windy conditions and ominous clouds in the distance left us unsure of whether we would complete the match. After taking notes, this match report will take the form of the BBC test match reporting to convey all the excitement!

14.25: Toss won, and Cottesmore are put in to the delight of our team who clearly fancy a bowl in the the windy conditions.

14.30: WICKET! 4/1 The opener attempts to loft the final ball of Simon’s first over over the field but skipper Jamie P takes a fine diving catch at silly mid on to start the ball rolling.

14.45: After a tidy opening spell, new boy Morgan replaces the slightly erratic but occasionally spectacular Ed at the pavilion end but struggles with his follow through and is quickly replaced by Jamie.

15.00: WICKET! 12/2 An inspirational bowling change brings Freddie to bowl his looping medium pacers. Instant reward as the opener misses the straight one and loses his off stump- a wicket maiden! Max, making his debut as wicket keeper, manages to get struck in the eye by the flying bail, but proves he is made of stronger stuff and continues heroically!

15.15: With 2 resilient Spaniards at the crease the wickets have dried up, and some of our fielding is, to say the very least, unremarkable! Some straight bowling from Oli and Gianluca has almost resulted in wickets, but no joy!

15.30: WICKET 91/3 Joy Joy Joy! A resurgent return at the other end, and bowling around the wicket, from troubled debutant Morgan is the perfect move and the batsman plays on to his own stumps.

15.35: WICKET! 102/4 Morgan is on song as he clean bowls another victim for 2 wickets in 2 overs.

15.40: WICKET! 118/5 It’s three in three for Morgan as the off stump in sent flying!

15.45: Some outstanding fielding from Ryan has stopped their momentum, and a couple of tidy overs from Jamie P has ensured they won’t get 150.

15.55: The sky is beginning to bruise! No more wickets, and a couple of slogs leave Cottesmore on a total of 141/5 declared from 26 overs. Achievable goal?

After an torrential rain storm over an excellent tea, the sun comes back out for our innings. 142 to win in 90 minutes.

16.35: Openers Max and Oli are looking solid, but a long way off the required 6 an over. To be fair, they are having to put up with a torrent of bouncers from the tall scary bowler and dealing with it well!

16.55: WICKET! 15/1 Max is finally beaten whilst trying to up the run rate, and is out for 5.

17.05: WICKET! 22/2 New man Jamie M looks on good form, but a classic prep school mix up leaves both batsmen at the same end and he has to return to the pavilion.

17.10: Boundary! After 40 minutes number 4 Jamie P hits the first boundary of the innings, crashing it through the off side. More follow!

17.15: WICKET! 40/3 The introduction of a crafty leg spinner sees the end of Jamie for 19, losing his off stump going for the big one!

17.25: Still well behind the rate, Morgan has come in and is combining well with the solid innings of Oli, not many runs but vital all the same. A draw is looking inevitable barring a Sri Lankan collapse!

17.35: Morgan finally unleashes on a loose ball and it is never seen again- dispatched to the neighbouring golf course! A new ball is found and he attempts the same trick, same score but the ball is recovered by a diligent fielder!

17.55: WICKET! 98/4 The vigil is finally over- after 75 minutes Oli edges one to the slips to end his fine effort- only 18 runs but 80 vital balls faced.

18.00: Poor old Ryan reaches the middle only to see the game finish without him facing a ball! Morgan sees off the last over with a couple more big shots to leave us 104/4, a long way short but a safe draw.

A good game played in great spirits, and I was immensely proud of how the Copthorne team conducted themselves both on and off the field, they were a credit to the school and I can only hope for more of the same in our final game next week!

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