Students with headteacher

Adventurous Children

17th May 2019

A wonderful trip to Tilgate proved what adventurous children we have, with all delving merrily into the bowl of wiggly grubs and throwing themselves wholeheartedly around the park! A tasty picnic menu included ladybird Babybel cheeses, grape caterpillars, butterfly biscuits and raisin ants. The trip was first finished off with a surprise ice cream!

Our topic work continues with flutter and fly. The children independently created their own symmetrical butterfly, whilst investigating colour mixing. We have also been looking at sequencing events at different times of the day and telling the time.

The children and parents loved the EYFS Duathlon! Everyone tried their hardest, showing very positive and competitive attitudes, bouncing back when they fell over and cheering their friends on! Well done to all our little competitors!