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Day Three: The photos have now been uploaded and can be found in the Photo Gallery!

Day Two:
On our third and final day we woke up to brilliant bue skies. After an early breakfast and a leisurely drive into paris we found ourselves next to the Eiffel Tower where the children enjoyed taking lots of selfies! This was followed by a quick walk to the cruise boat. Due to the warm weather we were able to sit on the top deck and pupils enjoyed going past many of the incredible buildings we had seen or visited the previous day. It was our last excursion and soon we were back on the coach making our way back to Calais.
It was a fabulous trip and the children were as always, very well behaved.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Godwin who put in an incredible amount of work not only into the trip itself but also the mini booklets the children were given.
A big thank you to Mr Pinnock, Mr Jenkins and Mrs Lockie who also were fantastic and make a super team to work alongside. Thank you guys you are the best!
A huge thanks also to Mrs Billingham-West for sorting out all the Clarion calls and just being there for any potential emergency.

It’s been another great day in Paris. The weather has been fabulous and despite a very early start we were all keen to see the Palace of Versailles.  The Hall of Mirrors was one of the highlights and although we were unable to view the gardens it was a wonderful way to spend the morning.

Our next stop was Notre-Dame followed by a lovely walk on the Right Bank of the Seine. We stopped to admire the pyramids at the Louvre and had a leisurely stroll through the Tuilleries. Our visit to the L’orangerie reminded us of the fantastic gardens of Giverny and it was fabulous to see pupils sitting down and sketching lilies using Monet’ s paintings as inspiration.

Soon we were on our way to Montmartre and after a brisk walk up all those stairs we entered Sacre Coeur. This was followed by a fabulous dinner at the Place du Tertre. We all enjoyed our Paris by night tour and Madame Lockie gave a superb commentary throughout.

We did arrive to our hotel later than scheduled hence the lateness of this blog. Free wifi is hard to come by in the city! We have taken many photos and as soon as we can they will be uploaded.

It will be another early start tomorrow  as we are visiting the Eiffel Tower and going on a river cruise. Á toute á l’heure!

Day One:

After an early start we made good time and arrived at the euro tunnel earlier than anticipated. After some quick retail therapy at the terminal we were set to cross over to France. For some pupils it was the first time they had used the Eurotunnel so there was quite of bit of excitement. On arrival we made our way down to Giverny our first destination. By 4.00pm, we were at Monet’s garden and house ready to be inspired; and we were not disappointed with what we saw. Despite it being October, flowers were still in bloom and itself like a spring day. Although we all took many photos, none will do justice to  the beauty and tranquility we saw.  Two hours later and yet more retail therapy, we were on our way to have dinner at Flunch which was great. We arrived at our hotel by 9.30pm tired but happy.

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  1. Thank you to all the teachers who made this trip a fantastic experience for Daniel who was brimming with excitement for days afterwards. So many new sights and truly a trip he will never forget! Thank you.

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