Nursery and PrePrep Sports Day, Thursday 16th June

• Nursery Sports starts at 10.30am on the field just outside the Nursery building. Tea & coffee will be served in the Cricket Pavilion from about 11am; children who do not stay all day on Thursdays will be free to go before lunch.

• Extra parking for this event – come into the main School entrance, past the chapel and then to the left of the Sports Hall. Drive down the ‘Long Walk’ past the tennis courts and you can park at the bottom of the field.

• Pre-Prep Sports starts at 1.30am on the ‘fete’ field. Refreshments will be served around 3.15pm.

• Extra parking for this event – on the ‘fete’ field along the side.

• Tennis for Year 2 will take place at lunchtime (rather than after school)

• Reception Ballet is cancelled; the extra lesson will be made up during school time on Wednesday 29th June.

• Year 1 & 2 Ballet will go ahead at 4pm in the Pre-Prep Assembly room. Parents are invited to come to watch this session as you will probably be at school anyway for Sports Day.

• Year 1 After School Swimming is cancelled.



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