Prep School Sports Day 2013


Sports day this year will take place on Friday 24th May following the same format as last year. Some events, due to their length will take place in the week running up to Friday 24th.

On sports day itself, the morning will be all the heats with the top/fastest 6 boys and 6 girls going through to the afternoon finals. All pupils have been invited to enter the events that they wish to do and all their performances will be allocated points which will go towards their house total so every pupil will be involved in the house competition. In order to achieve a smooth running event all pupils will sit with their house when not competing.

In the afternoon there will be a number of finals in which the top athletes will compete for the age group victor and victrix laudorums. All children will be free to go home for a well deserved half term after the final event. The only trophy that will be presented on the day will be the house athletics cup which will be awarded to the house with the greatest points total, based on the mornings activities.

Certificates/cups for event winners together with the 6 all round best athletes will be awarded at an internal prize giving after half term.

Approximate timings for the events are published below, so that if you wish/are able to come and support your child you can see at what time they should be competing, however I must add that I have never seen (except perhaps the Olympics when they have hour long gaps between events) run exactly to time! JC

Due to the extended nature of the 800m and 1500m these events will, as last year, take place in the week leading up to sports day (24th May). Timings are approximate.

Monday 20th May 3.45pm Senior 1500m

Tuesday 21st May 2.30 pm Intermediate Boys 800m Final
2.35 pm Intermediate Girls 800m Final
2.40 pm Junior Boys 800m heats

Thursday 23rd May 2.30pm Junior Boys 800m Final
2.40 pm Junior Girls 800m Final
3.40 pm Intermediate Boys 1500m Final
3.50 pm Senior Boys and Girls 800m Final

If your child has entered these events please feel free to come and support.

Please click on the link below for the Prep Sports Day Timetable on Friday, 24th May

Sports Day Timings

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