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Day 6

Last day skiing!

Weather not so good today but all groups off safely at 0900. All now skiing really well and searching out the black runs (not the beginners yet, but they are the reds!). All rooms packed up with nothing left under the beds. Whether it is all in the right bag remains to be seen! Children ski until lunchtime and then back for lunch with departure around 3.00pm. ETA at school is 10.00am UK time.

Day 5

Perfect conditions!

We all enjoyed a pizza disco last night with Fred, Will, Zak and Chris (among others) all strutting their stuff and throwing some shapes on the dance floor. The pizza’s were lovely, but could only be cooked about 6 at a time, so it was a late evening!

Thursday – Another beautiful sunny day and we counted them all out and counted them all back again! A super day with no mishaps. The intermediate group were skiing down a black run, and the beginner plus group will attempt it tomorrow! The beginners skied all the way down the mountain (on blues and reds) and took the comfortable 6 man chair lift (with heated seats!) all the way back up to the top! The advanced group performed a human slalom all the way down one piste with much merriment, observed from the chairlift by your skiing correspondent!

The Jones girls enjoyed a long coffee stop as the sun was shining so brightly whilst Mrs Coppin and I explored the next valley at great speed – and a little walk back to the gondola! Whilst Miss Dunn was seen inspecting the flora and fauna up close and personal and had to untangle herself from the tree!

Pork stroganoff and rice for lunch and more ice creams!

Super skiing again all afternoon with no-one opting out as conditions were perfect.

Room packing has again highlighted how good some children are, and how some are in need of more opportunities to learn!

Chicken nuggets & chips for supper followed by a film – Cool Runnings, or Jonny English?

Robbie in a onesie is a sight to behold.

Day 4

Lost gloves & tired legs, but no helicopters!

The daily mantra of sun cream, helmets, goggles and gloves failed as we had a one gloved Luke at the top. A spare adult size glove was borrowed until his was found sitting alone in a gondola! Robbie’s have still not turned up from yesterday and are now presumed “missing in action!”

The predicted carnage on the T- bar (sadly for the spectators) failed to materialise as everyone coped admirably. The beginners will be on the chair lifts tomorrow skiing all the way down the mountain. They really are doing well. Beginner plus are already bombing all over the place, and even some of our advanced group found the going tough as Harriet, Natalie and Isi, bailed out of the last hour and joined Mr Jones and Mrs Coppin in the restaurant for a hot chocolate, complaining of tired legs. Having seen them ski, I can understand why!

Harry BB who had a helicopter ride yesterday is with his Mum in the hospital. Nothing broken but some concussion! We all wish him well! 

Showers for everyone. Lots of (happy) red faces and Pizza for supper tonight!

Happy days!

A video clip has been sent through too!!!  Copthorne Prep dancing on the slopes!

(More photos have been added!)

Day 3!

Helicopters and button lifts!

It was cloudy at the hotel but sunny at the top – has everyone put on plenty of sunscreen? The beginners had progressed onto the button lifts that are quite tricky until you get the hang of them! Carnage at first, much to everyone’s amusement but they soon got the hang of it, even Aaryan and Teja eventually!

The helicopter landed to pick up a casualty! OMG is it one of ours? No, thank goodness!

Down for lunch, pasta followed by ice creams. One child had a fall on the last run before lunch. Helicopter again – it is one of ours ( parents aware!). Off to hospital 200kms away. Mrs Jones following in the coach as no room in helicopter. All ok now, but a real worry at first!

A good afternoons skiing for everyone else. Beginners heading for the T bar – more carnage today, but will be on chair lifts by the end of the week.

Chips for supper. Room tidy competition was good for some but not good for others. Clearly they need more practice at home!

0800 and the sun is shining again. Breakfast, sun cream, and off to the slopes.

Day 2

The sun was shining, it was Mr Jones’ birthday and everyone had a brilliant day! On the coach going to the bowling centre! Beautiful scenery, very excited children and some tired staff!

Day 1

The saga of Robbie’s passport!
Why isn’t there wifi on this coach?
Smooth ferry crossing.
Are we there yet?
Very little sleep for adults – lots for the children!
Breakfast at 0630 in a French Service Station – crowds of Copthorne children around the “grab a toy” machine that was apparently giving out free goes!
0730 all watching “Ice Age 4” – children still eating!
Travelling through France – it’s a big country!

Please go to the Photo Gallery for photos from the School Ski Trip or click on the link below. The photos will be updated as more are received!

Ski Trip Photos

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22 thoughts on “School Ski Trip News

  1. What a wonderful way to make us as parents feel involved… it sounds like you have all had a few exciting days already and the photos are great.
    Happy Birthday to Mr Jones and a big hug and kiss for Hermione 🙂
    Have a great evening …

  2. Sounds and looks great! Hope you’ve all got yer sunblock on!!?! Happy Birthday Mr.Jones, hope your bowling party is a big success! Hugs to Matthew please! xx 🙂

  3. Great pictures and it’s wonderful to see the updates! Love to Jemima and happy birthday Mr jones!

  4. Brilliant to actually see and hear what they’re up to before they get back! Hope you got a cake with candles Mr Jones!

  5. Thanks for the updates. They (slightly) help me miss my baby a little less. Have lots of fun everyone and Happy Birthday Mr Jones.

  6. Thank you So much for putting this together.A great idea. Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  7. Great to have regular updates and photos.
    Love to Shanaya please, altough she will say she does not miss us!
    Happy belated birthday to Mr Jones, what a great way to celebrate it, with other 40 kids!

  8. It’s lovely being able to hear all about the fun and see the photo’s. I notice Amber is indulging in her favourite pastime of eating ice cream! So hope the injured child is ok.

  9. Thank you Mr Jones for such an entertaining blog anf Happy B-day! Yikes… Helicopter lift to the hospital..I sure hope the child is ok! I’m sure it was all very shocking for everyone. We are bound to here about it for months to come. Glad to hear the beginners are progressing well. Send Callie our hugs…it will really embarrass her which is what we are here for 🙂

  10. Have heard all the sagas from Jayne re Harry BB- glad he is ok. Mrs Jones you are a star and much admired by all the B-Bs! 🙂

  11. Thank you so much for the updates, pictures and videos, guess the number of phone calls was reduced as a result of this. And we are not jealous, is snowing in London too! Fancying a dance anyone?

  12. omg...I only wish I was there to join the fun!!!! Thank you to all the staff for all there commitment and hard work towards our children in every aspesp of their school live, I thank you all the staff personally, these children are our everything. THANKYO says:


  13. Thanks for all the updates, great stuff! and thank you for taking on such a gargantuan task for all our kids! Hats off to all the staff!! Have a safe journey home, look forward to seeing you in the morning!!

  14. It sounds like everyone has had a great time. Can’t wait to see Jasper tomorrow and hear all about it. Thanks for all the updates.

  15. Harlem shake was ace. Massive thank you to all involved. My money is on Joseph asking to go next year before we reach home tomorrow.

  16. Thank you to Mr & Mrs Jones and all the staff for taking such a good care of our baby and returning her and the rest home happy and safely. Our thougths are with Harry BB, wishing him a safe return home.
    Shanaya is very very happy and had a fantastic time.

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