Sports Day Events

Please click Sports Day Timings 2015 for the timetable of events for Sports Day on Friday, 22 May. A barbecue for the Prep School and supporters will follow afterwards. Please note, timings are subject to change.

Pre Sports Day Events

The following events will take place prior to sports day next week. All timings are approximate. Parents are very welcome to attend.

Monday 18th May

Inter 1500m 3.45 pm – A Azzi, K Escott, N Hall, B Smith, D Cassidy, J Henderson

Tuesday 19th May

Junior 600m 2.30pm – A Hough, E Anwar, S Risley, W Shields, A Deverson-Bowles, L Elliott, R Finnegan, R Sidhu, L Abdulle, M Bigwood, H Borrego, N Manivarma, C Francis, A Crease, M Escott, M Azzi, I Liggins, S Rees

Tuesday 19th May

Senior 1500m 3.55pm – O Cannell, J Denby, B Elliott, R Patel, D Westwood, D Holland, A Burroughs-Marsh, H Ashbee, L Pasquini, K St John-Dennis

Thursday 21st May

Inter 800m 3.45pm – J Cooper-Lewis, K Escott, N Hall, B Smith, L Robinson, J Henderson, K Bhayani, E Cavedaschi,

Thursday 21st May

Senior – 800m 3.50pm O Cannell, J Denby, B Elliott, R Patel, D Westwood, N Cookson, A Burroughs-Marsh, D Holland, N Yousif, H Ashbee, C Paterson, A Renshaw, E Workman, L Pasquini, K St John-Dennis

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