Students with headteacher

Year 7 Trip to Snowdonia

13th June 2016

Day 2

Rain, rain and some more rain (only light and for half of the day!). Year 7’s split into form classes with 7IP kayaking first and 7DJ climbing. After lunch groups swapped.  At the beginning only a few navigational issues in the kayaks as pupils liked exploring the trees and branches. Once they got the idea of steering, classes split into smaller groups to attempt some challenges and games. Sheen takes top honours for spending most of her time out the boat, Jonathan also had a spectacular capsize that made Miss P and Mr Pinnock laugh for a while.

The climbing was also filled with excitement, especially Miss Joiners way of scrambling up. Mr Jenkins at the front trying to ‘pull’ her up!?!
Everyone did well – Khushi, Lara and Katherine in particular as they were really nervous the higher we got.

The evening was spend tucking into spaghetti bolognese, then packing and getting ready for today’s events of climbing up a mountain then some skiing in the event.

Day 1

We had a good journey despite the rain along the way. Got to camp about 4ish and after setting up beds, the children had an induction of what will be happening over the next few days! Duty groups have been assigned and the first group helped make pizzas for supper. There was loads of food and no one was hungry!  After supper we went out for an activity – weasling in and out the boulders. All had a good time, some more grazed knees than others!

Had a very late return, quick debrief and straight to bed. Every one woke up this morning to bacon rolls and cereal for breakfast which has set us up for our day!