Year Seven Rondo Composition Task

In their study of musical form, Year 7 have been looking at rondo form. Wikipedia says…

“In rondo form, a principal theme alternates with one or more contrasting themes, generally called “episodes”. Possible patterns in the Classical period include: ABA, ABACA, or ABACADA. The number of themes can vary from piece to piece, and the recurring element is sometimes embellished and/or shortened in order to provide for variation.”

Having listened to Mozart’s Horn Concerto in Eb, a rondo classic, we set about composing our own in pairs on the keyboards. Everyone had a good go at it with generally excellent results. Have a listen to these that were adjudged to be the best, and try to pick out the recurring theme.

Well done to all of Year 7, especially our winners Fi, Kilti, Georgia, Maisie and Ian B. Now we are moving on to pop song structure… watch this space!

Fi and Kilti

Ian Browne plus…_

Maisie and Georgia



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