Year 5 Geography

We are still trying to organise an educational visit to the waste recycling facility in Crawley which has only recently re-opened due to a fire. This will neatly link complete the topic we covered last term on the environment of which recycling and sustainability formed a substantial part. As most of you will be aware we already recycle here at Copthorne thanks to the efforts of Mrs Lee and her recycle gang. All the waste paper is collected on a weekly basis from each room and office in the school. We have moved from one paper bin to four!

Year 5 have now moved on to a settlement study of the village of Imlil in Morocco. Five years ago this was a little known subsistence farming community with only one vehicle and no electricity. Today it has become a thriving tourist destination as it stands at the gateway to the Toubkal National Park and trekking in the High Atlas mountains. Last year we were very fortunate to have a guest speaker who gave a short talk together with slides of her visit to Imlil whilst on a school fieldtrip. I am hopeful of a repeat performance but GCSE’s may just get in the way! In the meantime there is much information available on the wide number of web sites. Simply google Imlil and there you are.

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