Headmasters Blog #4 

What can you get these days for 20p? 

Back in my youth, when I was a 14/15 year old I had a holiday job (helping a stallholder on Leicester market), and I was paid 20p per hour. Not much by today’s standards, but I was happy with it, and to put it into context a pint of beer was 16p, not that I was old enough to drink!

These days, 20p will not get you very much at all. Not a cup of tea, not a pint of milk, not a loaf of bread and not many sweets!

But, 20p will feed a child in Africa for one day! 

The school council, made up of children in the Prep School and Chaired by Mrs King and Mr Pinnock, agree that we should try to help support these children in the same way we have recently supported Crawley Open House with our Harvest Festivals.

On Monday, each class teacher will have a red mug that we hope to fill with 20p coins. Each coin, will feed one child for one day in parts of Africa. If each class can fill one red mug, we could raise several hundred pounds and really make a difference.

I have talked in assemblies to all children, to explain how the world produces enough food to feed everyone, but still something like one third do not have enough, whilst two thirds have plenty. It seems obvious, even to Pre-Prep and Nursery children, who told me that those who have more than enough, should give some to those who do not have enough!

Please bring in as many 20p’s as you can on Monday so that we, who do have enough, can help those who do not!

Thank you!

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